Without a doubt someone, somewhere will ask who is doing our tuning or did we just “copy” someone elses files.  So we created this page to inform potential customers or just people that feel the need to question this.  Vivid Racing has worked with major tuning companies on almost all different vehicle platforms.  From European vehicles, Domestic, and Japanese platforms, we have been involved in the tuning business with our own dyno and resources since 2005.  We have learned through daily driving, dyno tests, and experience how different cars should react when tuned.  When tuning companies create a file, they encrypt that file to their read/write tool.  If not, then everyone would have access to everyone elses files thus making it open source and convoluted.

So the answer is that the files are being generated and tested based upon our own project car use involving dyno charts, data logs, as well as experience and customer inputs.  Basic upgrade files are usually the same across all companies.  You can only modify the fuel, timing, and boost (if a turbo car) so much to have it be reliable and safe.  Our tuner is very experienced in creating performance ECU files using the latest tuning tools and our read/write software handles all the checksums to ensure there is no writing errors back to the ECU.  Tuning experience is further pronounced when you have to custom dyno tune a vehicle for specific modifications that are not normal to a stock like vehicle.

When you have a choice to make when purchasing tuning for your vehicle, you base that on customer service, long term relationship, marketing material, and others recommendations.  With that we feel very strongly that our service and tuning upgrades will far exceed your expectations!