Range Rover has been known as one of the best mid-sized luxury SUVs with a decent amount of power. For the price range, you really can’t find much to beat it. However, the new Range Rover Sport L494 boasts an impressive supercharged 5.0L V8 bringing on a new group of enthusiasts to the platform. Whether you’re looking to get your kids to soccer practice in record times, wanting to show the local civic owner what true power is, or just want a quick luxury SUV the Range Rover Sport L494 is perfect. Although, from the factory, you aren’t able to experience the true power of the supercharged 5-liter engine. How can we fix that?

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ECU Flashing is our answer. ECU flashing remaps things like the ignition timing to quickly improve engine performance without even needing to touch a wrench. For the Range Rover platform, you will need a DimSport handheld tuning device, a windows pc, and of course the tune file. The DimSport device will connect to the ODBII port on your vehicle, and tunes the ECU through it. We’ve included a video on the entire DimSport tuning process here and at the end of this blog to help you out. If you have any troubles with the installation process, feel free to reach out to us at tuning@vividracing.com!



We can expect to see power gains from 518hp all the way up to 600hp, an 82 horsepower gain with just a tune! We can expect a massive improvement in torque as well, going from 461FT/LB stock to 550FT/LB, an 89FT/LB increase! Not only does the tune help out with horsepower and torque numbers, but it also provides a good amount of increased throttle response. In conclusion, the Range Rover Sport L494 is a great luxury SUV, and an ECU flash can make it even better!

  • Stock Power: 518HP | 461FT/LB
  • Stage 1 Power: 556HP | 513FT/LB
  • Stage 2 Power: 600HP | 550FT/LB

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