The all-new 2022 Polaris RZR Pro R debuted in early 2021, making pretty big claims about the newer engine, suspension, and even chassis stability improvements. The RZR Pro R boasts Polaris’ new ProStar Fury 2.0L, naturally aspirated engine pushing an impressive 225hp! The biggest engine that has ever been put into a side-by-side. Not only did they obviously add some good power, but they also made the suspension substantially better with 29 inches of travel distance, and a brand new suspension control system called DYNAMIX DV. Dynamix reads data from the suspension components over 200 times per second and makes adequate adjustments on the fly to keep you planted on the dirt. The one-piece chassis also saw a huge upgrade with 2-inch tubing, and tapered joints to add increased strength where it matters the most. Of course, we could go into more detail about what else the new Pro R has to offer, as there’s a lot more, but we decided to keep this relatively short and get to the point. 


Upon seeing the new Polaris Pro R we were impressed at what Polaris was able to do, however, we knew we had to come up with a tune to push this platform to its true potential. Why do we feel the need to tune it this early into its release? Well, we aren’t called VR Tuned because we thought it sounded cool. Why should you tune your Pro R? Well, ECU flash tuning is one of the easiest modifications to do to increase power, amongst a variety of other benefits. ECU flash tuning is the best bang for your buck modification available on the aftermarket for the Polaris Pro R as of right now. Plus, you don’t need to do much physical labor to get impressive power gains…a definite plus in this Arizona summer weather. All you have to do is remove the ECU to send us for a bench tune, as that’s the only available programming method as of right now. We do offer a 24-hour turnaround time and overnight shipping to insure quick and prompt servicing. So what does our tune do and what are our results? 

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To start our tuning process, we borrowed a 2022 Polaris RZR Pro R from a wonderful customer of ours. This Pro R sits on 35-inch tires, so please keep in mind that this will significantly increase the drivetrain loss when compared to our competitors. Another thing we would like to disclose right away is that it’s July, in Arizona. It’s hotter than your local CanAm lover when you tell them that Polaris is clearly superior…aka it’s between 105-106 degrees when we ran our dyno tests. After running our stock baseline runs, we read 155 wheel horsepower with 190ft/lbs of torque. Not bad for a UTV, but not the best…yet. We then flashed the ECU with our Polaris RZR Pro R ECU Flash Tune and ran the dyno again with similar environmental conditions. Upon completing the tune, we read results of 165 wheel horsepower and 195 ft/lbs of torque. An increase of around 10 horsepower, and 5 ft/lbs of torque. 


Not only does the tune add some extra torque and horsepower, but it also removes the factory top speed limiter, increases the rev limiter, reduces the fan temperatures, and more. The factory top speed limiter sets the limit at 85mph. We were able to remove the speed limiter and get speeds of up to 100mph pretty easily. The rev limiter was also adjusted from keeping us at an 8650 rpm limit. We adjusted it to a solid limit of 8800 rpm. The peak power provided from the Pro R sits at around 8,400 rpm, although we wanted to make sure we can reach speeds over 85mph+ which required a slightly higher rev limit. With the stock fan, we observed temperatures of around 190 degrees. After our tune, we were able to bring down that average temp to 185 degrees. From the factory, the Polaris Pro R also runs just a tad bit lean. Of course, we fixed that fuel issue right up with the tune by correcting the air-to-fuel ratios. All of these changes were done with just a dyno tune. Oh, and did I mention that this was all done on a stock clutch? 

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With the new 2022 Polaris Pro R being so new to the UTV community, there is little to no aftermarket support in comparison to other models. However, if you’re wanting the best of the best, the newest of the new, and most comfortable but quick UTV the Pro R is definitely for you. Of course, we’re expecting to see a ton of new Pro R’s out ripping on the dunes here pretty soon. Whether you’re wanting more out of your machine, or just want to gap your friends on the dunes, our ECU flash tune is perfect for you. 

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