VR Tuned wants you to see that our customers are the reason we are here.  We have created these galleries to show you that we are more than just a business, we are culture.  Enjoy these pictures and if you want to share your pictures and experience with us, email them to tuning@vividracing.com.


Technical galleries showing HOW TOs for removing ECUs required to be mailed in, installation of associated parts, and other related tech items.

Dyno Sheets

Dyno numbers very from dyno type to dyno type as well as dyno settings. Vivid Racing uses a Mustang Dyno and our numbers can very from other Mustang Dyno owners as well.

Customer Cars

Pictures of our customer's cars out and about. Racing, driving, or just looking good! We have customers worldwide from Canada, Mexico, Chile, Europe, Middle East, Australia, and more!

On the Dyno

We dont just show number gains, we get cars on our Mustang All Wheel Drive dyno. Check out the pictures of cars in action as we do our ECU Tunes.