Many customers have concerns about flashing their Porsche Cayenne Turbo vehicles and what it could do to the longer term reliability.  Some ask, why doesn’t Porsche do this from the factory?  The answer, there is NO issues to worry about.  Porsche needs to meet regulations for the EPA as well as produce a vehicle for the everyday driver.  So this performance is simply sitting in your car waiting to be released.  When you do a performance ECU upgrade, your car is still using the factory safety parameters to detect knock and counter with fuel if needed.  In the end, a basic “stage 1 or 2” performance flash is very safe.

The process of flashing looks to be scary with all the “READ THIS” and the “DO NOT…” do’s.  But its really not.  We put a lot of info on our instructions just like you would see on the back of a chainsaw.  Its really easy to use, but don’t put your hand by the chain when running!  Never fear though, we provide top level service to help get you the most out of your Porsche.  The process of reading and writing the data takes only 3 minutes each way.  The Porsche Cayenne 4.8L Turbo goes from an amazing 500 horsepower to 560 and gains nearly 70ft/lbs of torque.  Our customer Jereme was a little nervous of the process but we exceed expectations and transformed his Cayenne TT into a monster.  Check out his review below.

Product review of the VR Tune for Cayenne 957 Turbo.. Dan is the man, literally, i was having problems getting admin rights to the PC I wanted to use to download the VR tune flash client. I was also nervous and thought this product was not for me, due to the re-flashing needed of the ecu, but Dan put all fears to ease.. Let me just say customer service is priority number 1 for Vivid Racing, Dan was able to remote into my PC while I stayed at home in the garage, loaded the VR Porsche Client, copied the stock ECU program, and Re-Write and install the new Tune file all within 1.5 hours.. How is that for service??? Let me just say, this tune is awesome, the car drives perfect. The throttle response and pick up is a 200% improvement. I do not even have to be in sport mode now to be thrown back in my seat. I have never seen my boost gauge reach full potential in the lower gears, now 1-6 all boost is available from down low, through the entire rev range.. What a monster!!! My Cayenne Turbo has never ran more smoothly, do not hesitate to order this tune. You will not find a more customer driven company for a tune… Dan did all the work for me!!! I will be purchasing more mods soon!

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  1. Jereme S.

    Awesome write up Dan… Thanks again anyone who is nervous or has concerns please do your self a favor and order this tune from Vivid Racing!

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