Now that you have your new VR Tuned ECU Tuning Box Kit, its time to install it!  It is a very simple install to plug it in and really requires no experience.  If you have some basic elbow grease and patience, you will be fine.  The only tools required are are a phillips head screwdriver for the battery terminal and depending on where you will mount the box, zip ties, double-sided tape, or high strength Velcro.


First locate the boost sensor.  This is on the throttle body which is located on the drivers (USA) side of the vehicle.  You will need to push the clip down and pull the sensor out.


Plug in the VR Tuned harness labeled Boost Pressure with one end in the sensor and one end to the car side plug.


Next, locate the manifold pressure sensor.  This is easily accessible from the passenger side (USA) of the vehicle.  The black plastic intake manifold has the sensor near the middle.  Push the clip in and unplug it.


Take the VR Tuned harness that is labeled Manifold Pressure and plug one side into the sensor and one into the vehicle side.


Now you need to locate the camshaft sensor.  This is on the top of the engine block.  You can access it from the passenger side of the vehicle or by removing the access panel from inside the vehicle cockpit.


Here you can see the camshaft sensor.  Unplug this by pressing the top clip and pulling backwards.


Now you will need to take the VR Tuned harness labeled camshaft sensor and plug one end into the sensor and one into the vehicle side.  !IMPORTANT!  This sensor is possible to plug in upside down.  It is also possible if you do not push it all the way in for a secure fit that it will cause a check engine light and the vehicle will be in limp mode. See this picture for reference.


With the harness all plugged in and routed, you can chose where to install the tuning box.  We recommend running the loom through under the center console so it sits by the battery (behind the passenger seat).


You will need to connect the positive and negative lead to the vehicle battery.


Lastly insert the Tuning Box into the main harness plug and secure the clip.  Once that is in, securely and firmly mount the box in a location you desire.  You can now fire up the vehicle to run it!