Another Well Tuned and Satisfied 997 Turbo Customer

Coming from our large customer base on the 6Speed online forums, Tom decided it was time to equip his Porsche 997TT with a ECU Flash.  Gaining much needed throttle response, torque, and horsepower, Tom flashed his car fairly quickly and was quite happy.

“It is a definite WOW … I could not believe the difference the first time I floored it! It is an animal even in non-sport mode when you get into the boost — but doesn’t seem to have lost any driveability around town. I’m now considering if the brakes are up to the task, no kidding. The tuning process itself was pretty user friendly, as described. I received the tune file withing 24 hrs of uploading, and then got my original file back the following day. The fact that I have the control and could switch back to original at any time is an absolutely great feature. Kudos to the team at Vivid, who provided excellent service throughout — thanks!”

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