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For all OBDII ECU Flashes, VRTuned Tuning is including FREE of charge the ability to use the Durametric diagnostic tool with the Basic Flash Cable included in the flash price.  This is a $287 value at no additional cost to you!  No other tuner for Porsche offers the ability to use a full data logging system and diagnostic tool with their ECU Flashing.  The Durametric tool is one of the most popular for Porsche enthusiasts.  We use it extensively with custom tuning for customers.  The data logging part of Durametric samples pre-selected input variables such as ignition timing, manifold pressure, and lambda bank 1 pre and post cat to give detailed information on the cars performance.  From these variables graphed in excel, we can then make changes to the file custom for you to improve AFR, Timing, and Boost to give you the MOST power in a safe and reliable manner.

The most popular uses of the Durametric function are:

  • Reset service reminders
  • Reads diagnostic trouble codes More Information
  • Displays actual values More Information
  • Shows ECU information More Information
  • Clears diagnostic trouble codes
  • Turns off check engine light
  • Turns off airbag light
  • Activates functions (Drive Links)

Tial A28 Turbo'ed 996tt Tiptronic

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