We just got this great review from a 996 Turbo customer who did his VRTuned OBDII ECU Flash the other day.  He also sent in these cool pics.  Thanks so much for the great product review!

“I went for a tune for my 996 turbo. Contacted Dan directly and he kept in good communication.  My 996 turbo Fabspeed Maxflo with 200 cell cats, AP Y-Pipe, AP Diverter Valves with F-hose, EVOM V-flow intake, AP race plenum and large bore throttle body.  The turn around time was very quick, a matter of hours.  I uploaded the tune which only took 2-3 minutes.  I tried a few sprints from 0-60 then 60-120, then pushed it up to 155 and it never hesitated. The boost comes much earlier and pulls very hard.  A dramatic difference than before the tune.  My Porsche feels like a rocket! I highly recommend the tune for your Porsche turbo, as mine was transformed into a beast overnight. The nice thing, is that you can upgrade to the Durametric cable and have access to the diagnostics of the vehicle.”


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