This mini project we did for a local customer here in Gilbert, Arizona featured an Agency Power Titanium Exhaust, High Flow Y-Pipe, Diverter Valves, and modified K16 turbos with billet wheels. We also added a 5 bar FPR and did a custom VR Tuned ECU Flash.  Running on 91 octane, a 3rd gear pull, and our Mustang Dyno, the car did a very respectable 481 horsepower.  With a drivetrain loss of about 20%, this is 600bhp for the Porsche. You can view all these parts on our site at

IMG_8573 IMG_8574 IMG_8577 IMG_8578 IMG_9051 IMG_9052 IMG_9053 IMG_9054 IMG_9055 IMG_9056

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