The 2008 Porsche Cayman S is a Tiptronic that runs on 91octane.  As soon as the car came here, we did a baseline on our Mustang Dyno.  Our baseline run yielded 217rwhp and 197ft/lbs of torque.  Our Stage 2 mods consisted of the Racing Plenum with ECU Flash and a complete exhaust system with catless race headers.  The plenum kit uses a larger throttlebody to improve the airflow coming into the engine.  To fully take advantage of this, we do a custom ECU tune to alter the fuel and timing maps to account for the additional air flow.  Like all normally aspirated vehicles, a good balanced exhaust system definitely helps out as well.  We alter the limits on the O2 sensors to not throw a CEL from this catless setup.  With all the new mods on, we did a follow up dyno.  With all other variables kept consistant, the car made 252rwhp and 217ft/lbs of torque.  That is a 35rwhp and 20ft/lbs of torque gain.  Typically there is a 10-15% drivetrain loss on the Mustang dyno and since this is a Tiptronic and on 91octane, the results would be even great with a 6spd on 93octane.  Overall dramatic driveability improvement and much better sound!


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