Our customer in Bahrain got his BMW M6 V10 5.0L engine roaring with a new VR Tuned ECU Flash.  Having owned a V10 M5, these cars can be dogs down low and respond slow to throttle.  The VR Tuned flash is all done via OBDII and really wakes these cars up.  Changing the torque limiters, top speed, o2 sensor readings, as well as fuel and timing maps, the new tune gives the E63 M6 new life.  This car was tested on a rear wheel drive dyno jet where it baselined at 486.20 hp.  After the tune, its max gain took the car to 504.14 hp with torque going from 362.96 to 374.67.  On a chart these gains are good for the V10, but the difference in overall driveability is more noticed in driving conditions.  Check out the dyno sheet, image, and video below.  Order your VR Tuned BMW M6 Tuning Here.

20160128_170920 M6 stock vs tuned pump vs tuned booster

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