Removing the ECU in a Polaris RZR is very easy to do.  All it requires is a Torx bit, some patience, and following these easy steps.  Why would you want to remove your ECU?  To get more power and performance out of your RZR 900, 1000, or XP Turbo, an ECU flash can be done.

Step 1 – Your ECU is located behind the driver side rear seat.  To remove the seat, stick your hand in between as pictured and lift up on the handle in the back.



Step 2 – Once you remove the rear seat, you will see a plastic access panel that you just need to remove.  Press down on the top and pull out.


Step 3 – With the ECU now visible, you need to use a Torx bit to remove the 4 black screws holding the ECU to the body.


Step 4 – Now with the ECU loose, you need to remove the 2 harness plugs.  They are specific for each side so dont worry about getting them confused.  Lift up the levers on each side and the plug will come off.


Step 5 – Now your ECU is removed and ready to be flashed.  Bring or ship your ECU into Vivid Racing to get more power!



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