The new Polaris RS1 features a very responsive 995cc 2 cylinder engine that rockets the trails and dirt with its single seat cockpit.  If you are looking to get more power out of it, than ECU tuning is the way to go.  With VR Tuned you can flash the ECU through the diagnostic port, however some would like to simply remove their ECU and send it in to be flashed.  If you have looked behind the seat and under the dash in the conventional places for the ECU and can’t find it, we are here to help!  The ECU is located on the right side (if seated) of the vehicle inside the panels.  All you need to remove the ECU is some Torx bits and a flat head screwdriver.  The rest is pretty easy!

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Step 1 – remove these 2 torx screws right above the ignition switch.


Step 2 – On the cockpit side, remove these other torx screws.

polaris-rs1-ecu-removal-2 polaris-rs1-ecu-removal-3

Step 3 – Between the seat where the seat belt receptacle is, use a flat head screwdriver to pop these push clips out.


Step 4 – On the side of the vehicle, turn this locking knob which allows the rear fender to come loose.


Step 5 – Below the locking knob is another torx screw to remove.


Step 6 – You can now pull apart the 2 panels and see the ECU in there.


Step 7 – There are 4 smaller torx screws that secure the ECU to the frame.  Remove these.


Step 8 – Unplug the 2 ECU connectors.  There is a press tab on the top and then the rotate the security buckle so they pop out.


Here is a full shot showing where it is hidden!


And now the ECU is out!  This is the same Bosch ME17.9.74 ECU found all other Polaris RZR 1000 and Turbo cars.


Dyno photo for fun!


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