In 2015 Volkswagen models such as the Beetle, Golf/GTI, and others, included the new 1.8L Turbo engine that comes with 170hp.  This engine has HUGE potential once tuned because it is so restricted from the factory.  With a ECU flash, the 1.8T gains almost 60 horsepower and 80 ft/lbs of torque on 93 octane and 91 octane just a bit lower.  The ECU is a Continental SIMOS 18.2 which can be flashed via the OBDII port or bench flash.  Since this car is local, we had the chance to do it all via OBDII.  Once tuned, the owner took it for a rip and it was an extremely noticeable difference in throttle response, torque, the turbos spooling, and that top end pull with the speed limiter removed.  Interested in getting your new 2015+ Volkswagen 1.8T flashed?  Just give us a call at 1.480.966.3040 or shop all our Volkswagen ECU Tuning Here.

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vw-beetle-18t-flash-1 vw-beetle-18t-flash-2 vw-beetle-18t-flash-3 vw-beetle-18t-flash-4 VWbettle_VRtuned-1

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