For those who want a UTV to rip around the desert at high-speed, the RZR Turbo S is the perfect UTV. Straight out of the box it makes 168hp with its turbocharged engine which might sound like a lot, but for many RZR owners, it’s not enough. Luckily, the turbocharged nature of the Turbo S allows for big improvements through tuning.

Tuning also has the benefit of fixing minor issues such as poor throttle response, the obnoxious speed limiter, and lowering the temperature which the electronic fan turns on. With our VR Tuned ECU flash, all these things are possible, plus you’ll get to enjoy a big bump in power, especially when combined with bolt-on parts such as an intake and exhaust.

Power gains depend on the VR Tuned flash file you purchase and bolt-on modifications. With the standard flash, you can expect power gains around 17hp, and the big injector tune offers power gains of 30hp. Because of Polaris’ use of a weak wastegate, you must tighten the wastegate rod to get the maximum performance out of the tune file.

Unlike some other tuning solutions on the market, our VR Tuned flash can be installed on your RZR in the comfort of your driveway with our optional tuning cable. All you need is a computer which runs Windows and the program included with your purchase of the tune. On top of all that, our tune keeps all OEM functionality including the Dynamix system.

What does the ECU Flash do?

  • Speed Limiter Raised
  • Rev Limiter Raised
  • Fan Temp Lowered
  • Improved Throttle Response
  • Torque Limiters Adjusted
  • Boost Levels Increased
  • Designed to Work with Dynamix System
  • Much improved driving experience!
  • Note: To get the maximum performance out of this ECU flash, please tighten your wastegate rod down to limit the travel. The factory wastegate is very soft and weakens over time. The ECU calls for more boost pressure but the wastegate will not allow for this without adjustment.

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