I love this car!  This is one of the smoothest looking F Series we have had our hands on to date.  The customer has done some mods with us including the Agency Power catless downpipe, Agency Power cold air intake, and previous, the VR Tuned Tuning Box Kit.  But to give the car more power, turn off the CEL from the downpipe, and make an overall better driving experience, we did our VR Tuned ECU Flash for the F36 435I.  The bench flash requires the ECU to be removed as we have documented here before.  Once the ECU is pulled and either mailed in to us or brought in to us, we flash it on the bench using specific CMD protocols that allow the unlocking of the device to read out the original file, tune it, then flash it back to the ECU.  Once installed back in the car, it was dyno time!

We have done a variety of these here on the dyno from the F30 335I, F32 435I coupe, and now this F36 435I Gran Coupe.  The gains are all relatively the same.  The difference with this dyno is we decided to try and test it closer to 1:1 in 5th gear of the 8 speed automatic transmission.  This gave us MASSIVE torque numbers of near 400 ft/lbs and then horsepower of about 320awhp.  We chose to dyno in all wheel drive to avoid any traction control issues.  This combined with 91octane and about 100F temperature in the shop really makes the N55 work.  Typically drivetrain loss is about 20-25% with this setup.  Stock the car comes with 302bhp or 306ps to the crank.  This would make the car have about 240awhp.  So based on our new ECU tune combined with the Agency Power cold air intake and Agency Power catless downpipe, we gained about 70awhp and took the car from roughly 300bhp to 400bhp.  Check out the pics, dyno sheet, and video!

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