The BMW M2 has been the car that we have all been waiting for.  Yes there was the 1M and yes there was the M235I, but neither are the blistering insanity of what the BMW M2 is!  The twinpower turbocharged inline 6 cylinder engine puts out a massive 370hp with almost 465NM of torque.  Back in the 135I days if you wanted 400 horsepower, you spend about everything under the sun to get it!  The M2 engine really hammers down the torque with the addition of a overboost function adding another 35NM of torque at 4500rpm.  For those still wanting to keep it real, the car is available in a 6speed manual gearbox or an optional 7 speed dual clutch.  Lets face it, the 7 speed dual clutch will always be faster!  Running 0-60mph in just 4 seconds and the 1/4 mile at 12.5 seconds trapping 113mph, this 2 door coupe is H O T!  So how can you do more for it?

BMW has gotten very sophisticated in their anti tuning technology.  The days of connecting to a E92 M3 or a E60 M5 through the OBDII port and reading the data to enhance the vehicles software is over.  Most of these ECU’s must be removed from the vehicle, flashed in boot mode on the bench by bypassing or “patching” the security passwords.  Where some have resorted to cheap piggyback systems with trinkets and poor equipment, VR Tuned has continued to thrive in the German tuning box kit market.  Utilizing factory Bosch clips for a true plug and play device, weatherproof aluminum case with adjustable dial for octane, the VR Tuned piggyback is the leader in plug and play, warranty safe performance.

As tested by our European partner using 93 octane and in a dyno cell with proper cooling and airflow, the BMW M2 tuning box gained an impressive 52bhp over stock and a blistering 120NM of torque over stock.  This puts the M2 at 422bhp and 585NM or 431ft/lbs of torque.  We are talking M3/M4 killing territory.  The tuning box kit harness is VRT-121170-1 and takes about 15-20 minutes to install.  VR Tuned has sold hundreds of these tuning box applications worldwide.

Order your BMW M2 Tuning Box Kit Here.  View installation instructions here.

VRT-TUNBOX-GEN-3 bmw-m2-engine bmw-m2-drift bmw-m2-side

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