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  • Step 1 – Open the hood of your vehicle and locate the plastic engine panel in the middle of your engine bay. The trim is held in place with some clips.  You just have to lift straight up on the front, sides, and back then the plastic trim will come off.


  • Step 2 – Now that you see the “heat sink” like ECU box, undo your battery negative terminal for good measure.  Now you can locate the 4 posts that the ECU rests in.


  • Step 3 – Before you pop the ECU out, you need to remove the plugs that are on the left side if looking at the car from the front.  There are 2 of these.  On the end of each are slide in and slide out plastic locking mechanisms.  Slide them out away from the ECU and then wiggle the harness off of the ECU.  Gentle!

vrt-ml550-ecu-4 vrt-ml550-ecu-2

  • Step 4 – Now you can lift up on the ECU and those 4 posts will come with it.  The ECU is somewhat floating to the car and not bolted on.


  • Step 5 – Now the ECU is out of the vehicle.  Package it open, insure it, and send it in to Vivid Racing to get flashed for more power!

vrt-ml550-ecu-1 [/MJ_lists]If you are searching for how to remove the ECU on your Mercedes AMG car or SUV, you found the right place.  Its so easy that you will die laughing.  For tuners reading this, the hard part is opening the case because the Boot pins are on the back side of the ECU requiring it to be completely removed from the metal casing.  So here we go!

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