Tuning the ECU of your Dodge Ram 3.0L Ecodiesel can make some good power out of your truck.  To tune the Bosch EDC17 ECU, it must be removed from the truck and mailed in to be bench flashed.  Removing the ECU is pretty easy and can be done with some simple tools such as a 10mm socket and a flat head screw driver.  Check out the pictures below for help on removing your ECU for tuning.

Get ready!


Pop your hood!  The ECU is located against the firewall behind the intake.


First unplug the intake sensor.  Then remove the air box lid by using the flat head screwdriver and loosen the intake boot hose clamp.  Then pop off the clips that are around the perimeter of the airbox as if you were changing the air filter.


Now you can see the ECU up against the firewall.


Easily unplug the ECU harness on the top and bottom.  These clips rotate and push the main harness out.

cristian-dodge-ram-ecodiesel-3 cristian-dodge-ram-ecodiesel-4

Using the 10mm socket wrench, you have 2 bolts on the top and 2 on the bottom of the ECU.  Loosen and remove these.  The ECU will then pop right out.


This is how bench flashing looks at VR Tuned.


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