The Mercedes C63 S AMG 4.0L Bi-Turbo is a BEAST from the factory.  It comes equipped with a rocketing 507 horsepower to the crank with more tech than you know what to do with.  Mercedes’ twin turbo setup in the super sedan puts out a menacing sound with the factory valved exhaust.  So how do we make it better?  By adding 90 horsepower with a plug and play Tuning Box Kit.  The tuning box kit is designed for easy installation to boost up your C63 4.0L to almost 600 horsepower.  Why the Tuning Box?  Well the ECU is located in the most inconvenient spot making the removal of it for bench flashing near impossible.  Plus once you flash your ECU, your warranty will be shot unless you go through the pain of flashing back to the original.  So for an easy solution to boost up your performance, the plug and play tuning box is the way to go!  Check out our install, test drive, and feedback on our latest VR Tuned Video!

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