Although the Mercedes CLA45 AMG is an awesome little performance car, it isn’t perfect. It makes a lot of power from the factory, especially for a 2.0L engine, but Mercedes didn’t squeeze every drop of power out of it. In fact, Mercedes left a lot of performance on the table which can be uncovered with a simple ECU tune.

With an ECU tune, parameters such an air/fuel, boost, ignition timing, throttle limiters, rev limiters, speed limiters, and many more, are modified to make the engine run slightly more aggressively. With our VR Tuned ECU flash, we worked hard to develop a tune which balanced power with long-term reliability.

Depending on what year CLA45 you own, OEM power output ranges from 360hp to 381hp. With a VR Tuned ECU flash, power increases to 400hp or 418hp for our Stage 1 file. With a Stage 2 file installed, power is increased all the way to 420hp or 436hp depending on the year of the CLA.

  • Increases of up to 60hp and 66lb-ft
  • Improved throttle response and fuel economy
  • Increased fuel MPG
  • Can be installed by end-user easily
  • Works with aftermarket modifications

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