In the world of high-performance luxury cars, AMG is one of the best-known names around. While AMG produces a lot of different models, the AMG GT is arguably at the top of their product range. The AMG GT, GT-S, and GT-R might be fantastic cars in stock form, but they can be made even better with some simple modifications.

To help protect sales of the more expensive models, Mercedes limits the power of certain models of the AMG GT. The AMG GT-S produces 510+ horsepower in stock form, but it’s actually capable of significantly more without modifying any components on the engine. With our VR Tuned ECU Flash, we managed to squeeze the GT-S to 590HP and 590LB-FT of torque.

This power increase is achieved without changing any physical components of your car, making it very easy to install. With the optional Dimsport handheld device, you can easily install the tune file on your AMG GT-S in the comfort of your own garage. If you ever need to revert back to stock, you can easily reinstall the OEM tune file.

  • Stock Power: 510HP and 479LB-FT
  • Tuned Power: 590HP and 590LB-FT
  • Improved Throttle Response
  • Decreased Lag

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