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Tuning boxes, also known as piggybacks, have long been one of the most popular tuning solutions on the aftermarket. These types of tuning solutions work by intercepting and modifying sensor signals such as MAF, Oxygen Sensors, TPS, Ignition, and many more. By modifying sensor signals, the ECU adjusts accordingly and you can effectively change how the ECU behaves without actually modifying any part of the ECU.

Our VR Tuned tuning boxes have been massively successful and they’ve allowed enthusiasts all over the globe to experience the full potential of their vehicle. To better serve our customers and continue pushing the tuning market forward with better products, we’re happy to announce the launch of our VR Tuned V2 tuning boxes!

Our V2 tuning boxes have all new hardware with a tougher design and improved materials, ultimately resulting in an improved look and feel. Inside the new hardware, we’re offering new high-quality tune files which offer even more performance, power, and efficiency compared to our V1 tuning boxes. Our updated V2 tuning boxes are still “plug and play” and very easy to install or uninstall.

With a VR Tuned V2 tuning box, your stock ECU isn’t modified in any way. There isn’t any flashing or modifying required, which means there is no trace of any tuning products being used on your vehicle. This allows for easy removal if needed. Our V2 tuning boxes effectively work like small computers, modifying a variety of sensor signals in real time, resulting in superb power and efficiency improvements.

V2 tuning boxes will be available for a wide variety of applications, including:

With the introduction of V2 tuning boxes, we are discounted V1 tuning boxes by 30% to make room for new inventory! Now is the best time of the year to get tuned with VR Tuned!

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