Mini Cooper S 1.6L Turbo ECU Flash

Just finished a remote ECU flash for a customer and his 2007 Mini Cooper S.  The 1.6L Turbo Mini produces 175PS or 173HP to the front wheel drive platform.  Whats crazy on these Mini Cooper’s is how much increase they gain making the already lightweight car even more fun to rip around.  Tuning of the R56 gains you about 30 horsepower over stock.  In addition to the horsepower and torque performance, we can also raise the rev limiter for manual trans cars, offer a decat for race downpipes, and also change the throttle response.  All of this is done via the OBDII port with our iFlash ECU system seen here.  Check out his car below and order your Mini Cooper S ECU Tuning Here.


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