Porsche 987 Cayman 2.7L

Think your base Porsche Cayman is under powered? Let VRTuned take care o f giving your 2.7L engine some more gusto. With some fine tuning, the Cayman can become more responsive to your driving needs. VRTuned is able to gain 15 horsepower to the crank and 13ft/lbs of torque.

Stock Power – 245HP and 199ft/lbs
Tuned Power – 260HP and 212ft/lbs

VRTuned flashes the 987 Cayman and Boxster cars through the OBDII port of the car. With their Flasher Client software, they are reading a full 1mb of the file to completely tune the ECU. Other companies claim to be able to do this, but are only read 128kb and making global changes. The ECU flash will alter your fuel and timing maps to give you a very linear increase over stock. For those worried about check engine lights, there are none! These cars come with 4 catalytic converters and those running an exhaust system usually eliminate the secondary ones before the muffler. If you are running high flow cat headers or a complete straight pipe exhaust systems, VRTuned raises the O2 levels which will remove the possibility of having a CEL from this type of exhaust. The overall improvement of drivability makes the 987 Cayman even more fun then it was originally. Another great feature VRTuned can add to your car is the Sport Mode. For those that do not have this as an option, VRTuned can turn Sport Mode on permanently so you have 100% of the electronic throttle. If you have Sport Mode, you can choose to have this be left as its original function or turned on all the time.

Since warranty is always a concern, VRTuned also provides you with your original file. With this original file you can flash your car back to stock at any point. If you go to the dealer, there will be nothing visible through the Porsche PIWIS system. VRTuned can program your vehicle no matter what country you are from or what octane you use. We have different maps for those running 91 octane or 93 octane and higher.

What are the benefits/functions of going with VRTuned compared to the competition?

  • VRTuned does not require the removal of your ECU from the car. There is no down time at all.
  • Your car can be flashed at your convenience from the comfort of your own garage.
  • VRTuned reflashing is done via a Client Cable that is connected to the OBDII port. The customer simply plugs the cable into the car and reads the file with a laptop per the instructions with the cable. Once the file is downloaded, it is emailed to the VRTuned secure server where the file is tuned and then emailed back to the client. The client simply uploads the file and they are done. Total process is about 1 hour.
  • Reflashing is done according to the vehicles octane level of pump gas and modifications are taken into account (Intake, Headers, Exhaust) to enhance power gains.
If you have any questions about the Porsche 987 Cayman ECU Flash, please contact us using our Support Page.

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