If you are drooling over the new 991 GT3RS but you have to settle for your 991 Turbo, then a VRTuned ECU Tuning Box Kit is what you need.  The plug and play multichannel box connects to your boost, manifold pressure, and camshaft sensors to take your 520HP 991 Turbo or 580HP 991 Turbo S to a staggering 600+ horsepower.  The tuning box takes control of those signals to deliver increase boost pressure and timing.  Boost delivery can be adjusted on the back of the tuning box with a dial setting seen here.  Install time is about 30 mins to get you going FAST.  Installation is pretty direct with our step by step instructions here.

Our customer Jesse recently put one on his blacked out 991 Turbo that looks stunning with a set of HRE Wheels, exhaust, and carbon fiber Agency Power tips.  He has been driving the car around and told us, “The VRtuning box virtually eliminated the thing I hated most about the 991TT…the throttle lag.  Now the car is violently fast yet power delivery is nice and smooth. The power is there when you want it…and docile when you don’t. The product works better than advertised and I wish I did it sooner.”

Order your VR Tuned ECU Tuning Box for the 991 Turbo Here.

HRE_991TT-2863 HRE_991TT-2880 HRE_991TT-2897




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