Our customer Stanford from Australia has a couple toys in his garage that make him go fast.  Besides his street bike and Subaru, his Porsche Cayenne Turbo really gets him around town.  But wanting to boost up the power more, he turned to VR Tuned to get a ECU Flash done with ease.  Since our tuning is all done via the OBDII port, we can remote tune cars worldwide which is a huge advantage for our customers.  He beefed up his Cayenne 955 Turbo with more than 50 horsepower just from our flash.  Here are a couple photos of Stanford’s fleet!  Check out the VR Tuned Cayenne ECU Flash here.

859404_10153996742030650_1355779106036113078_o IMG_20140829_194248 stanford-luk-cayenne-1

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