Porsche Macan tuning is something that all Macan owners have desired since the vehicle was released.  For the past couple years, Vivid Racing has offered the Macan tuning box kits for the 3.0L Macan S and the 3.6L Macan Turbo.  We also support the Macan GTS which features an enhanced 3.0L engine with 355hp which is up from the Macan S 335hp.  The tuning box is a full plug and play kit which utilizes the cars stock sensors.  Connecting to the sensors are factory Bosch plugs that intercept the signal to the manifold pressure, boost pressure, and camshaft sensor signals.  The tuning box then takes over to provide an increase in boost and change in timing to gain you smoother power while delivering a gain of almost 40 horsepower.  With the Macan GTS now reaching 400hp, the 3.0L twin turbo engine is much more of a beast then it was already.  You can feel the turbos spool up even faster.

Check out this installation on a 2017 Macan GTS we did.  Order your Macan Tuning Box Here.

Boost pressure sensor


Manifold pressure sensor


Camshaft sensor


All sensors installed




On the dyno

Porsche_Macan_VRtuned-1 Porsche_Macan_VRtuned-2 Porsche_Macan_VRtuned-3 Porsche_Macan_VRtuned-4 Porsche_Macan_VRtuned-5

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