The Panamera Turbo is by far one my favorite super sedans on the market.  It might not be the prettiest to some standards, but the 4.8L twin turbo with 500 horsepower and the super fast PDK transmission is a rocket.  Doing an ECU tune on the Panamera is a major difference in performance giving you an extra 100 horsepower over stock.  Other mods such as the Agency Power Y-Pipe or exhaust system can really help with performance.  Downpipes are a great idea however the installation is difficult because of the location.  The tune can be done remotely for customers anywhere in the world using our Dimsport MyGenius tool.  This allows you to flash between the stock and tuned file for warranty purposes.  With changes to the torque limiters, fuel, timing, and retaining your Sport Mode, the Panamera becomes a beast that others cannot beat!

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