2003 Porsche 996 Carrera ECU Flash

Porsche makes some of the best sports cars in the world. The GT3 and GT3RS are some of the fastest road legal cars ever. While it would be awesome to have one of those Porsches, not everyone can afford one. For the common man there is the 911 Carrera, and with some simple modifications, you […]

Porsche 991 GT3 ECU Flash at Autohaus Frankfurt

brian-porsche-991-gt3-ecu-flash3What Porsche has done with their 3.8L DFI engine in the 991 GT3 is absolutely amazing. They were able to squeeze 475 horsepower out of it without the use of forced induction. When you do the math this comes out to 125 horsepower/liter which is nothing short of amazing. For comparison, if a 5.0L Mustang ...

Porsche 991 GT3 Performance ECU Tune from VR Tuned

barrett-porsche-991-gt3The Porsche 991 GT3 is one of the best track-oriented performance cars to ever exist. It’s also the first GT3 that was only available with Porsche’s PDK system, which unfortunately upset many enthusiasts. The 3.8L flat-six engine screams all the way up to 9000 RPMs where it makes an insane 475 horsepower. Getting 475 horsepower ...

Porsche Cayman S ECU Flash

We recently had this customer do a VR Tuned flash on his Cayman S 3.4L and was impressed with the performance gains.  The 987 and 997 platforms do very well for those looking to squeak a couple extra ponies...