What Porsche has done with their 3.8L DFI engine in the 991 GT3 is absolutely amazing. They were able to squeeze 475 horsepower out of it without the use of forced induction. When you do the math this comes out to 125 horsepower/liter which is nothing short of amazing. For comparison, if a 5.0L Mustang made that much hp/liter, it would make 625 horsepower from the factory. You may think that getting more power from that 3.8L would be impossible, but it’s not and it’s pretty easy.
  • All ECU tunes can be reverted back to stock if necessary.
  • There are no marks or info saved that a Porsche PIWIS tool can view for warranty purposes.
  • With the VR Tuned ECU Flash, basic bolt-on performance parts will not require a retune of your ECU.
  • Adding parts such as an exhaust, intake, plenum, pulley, will all adjust with the tune.
  • If you add higher octane fuel, the ECU will adjust accordingly.
The easiest way to get even more power from the 3.8L is with a quick and easy ECU tune. This adjust parameters such as fuel and ignition timing for increased power without sacrificing reliability. Vivid Racing’s tuning division, VR Tuned, has worked hard on developing the perfect tune for Porsche’s 3.8L DFI engine. When we tested a stock 991 GT3 on our dyno, it put down 384whp. After we flashed the ECU with our tune, power was increased to an impressive 418whp with gains all throughout the power band. With the optional DimSport handheld device, flashing your ECU at home or at a local shop is super easy. Just recently Autohaus Frankfurt flashed a GT3 with our tune, and they snapped a couple of pictures to show just how easy it really is. Here’s what the customer had to say about it: “Using the My Genius handheld tool, programming was very simple. The Porsche performs great! Lots of low end and mid range power gained. More responsiveness.”
VRT-991-GT3  VR Tuned ECU Flash Tune Porsche 991 GT3 3.8L DFI   $1,500.00  

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