The VR Tuned Tuning Box Kits are a great plug and play solution for most all turbocharged gasoline and diesel vehicles on the market from 2012 and up.  The multi-channel tuning boxes are easy to install and on some cars gain up to 100 horsepower.  We here at Vivid Racing have dyno tested several applications.  We are extremely confident in this product and even run a Tuning Box on our Porsche 991 Turbo and Mercedes CLA45 project cars.  If the product was not good, why would we put it on $200K of our own cars!?!

So not everyone is based in Arizona and get different octane fuel from 91 to 95 octane (93 to 98 ron) all over the world.  Different climates and temperature can affect how the tuning box works on your vehicle.  After following the initial installation procedures, you always wont to start up your car, rev it once to 4000rpm, and then let the car idle for about 180 seconds.  But what do you do if you feel the power drop off or not delivering it as expected.

On the back cover of the box are 2 torx screws that once removed give you access the dial on the tuning box.  It has settings 0-9 and most all boxes are preset to 6.  This dial allows for small adjustments to the power setting which allows the box to work correctly in different climate conditions and on different quality fuel.  For example, on a 2014 BMW M4 F82, the car was dynoed tested at the stock setting and fell flat on its face around 6100rpm.  Once we adjusted the knob down to setting 3 and reran the car, we saw the top end improve.  We finally settled on setting 4 which was perfect for the 91 octane fuel we use.  So make sure you check out your Tuning Box dial when setting it up.  There is no harm in adjusting this.  Just know that the lower numbers, 0-4 should be for 91-93 octane and numbers 5-9 should be for 94-100 octane.

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The dial on some tuning box applications works in reverse.  Where the number 0 is more powerful signal.  On these units the letters are not used.





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