Vivid Racing’s VRTuned ECU flash product has just conquered the Nissan 370Z with this great increase done on our Mustang Dyno.  The 3.7L 6speed manual transmission convertible was already equipped with a stillen catback exhaust and K&N short ram Typhoon intakes.  We first did a baseline of the car to test the difference with the ECU flash.  The car was run in about 65F temperature on 91 octane doing a 3rd gear pull.  Typical drivetrain loss for a rear wheel drive only car is about 10%.  This 2010 370Z came stock with 337bhp which means the intake and exhaust added about 30 horsepower or this car and calibration was a bit stronger than normal.  Only 22000 miles, all we really care about is what the difference is between our after tests and baselines.  So our baseline test gave us 333rwhp and 273 ft/lbs of torque.

The ECU tune for the Nissan 370Z requires the ECU to be removed from the vehicle.  The ECU is located behind the glove box which you can follow our ECU Removal Instructions here.  Once the ECU is pulled, we seperate the aluminum case of the Hitachi ECU and have to read and write the ECU in boot mode with pins connected to the programming pads.  Once complete and the new program is flashed to the ECU, we then did the after test.  One thing to note is with this ECU flash we can raise the rev limiter on manual transmission cars and also do a decat or raise the 02 limits for catless exhaust systems.  Tested within hours of our baseline, the car then made 347rwhp and 282 ft/lbs of torque.  The torque gain was pretty consistant throughout the full RPM test pull where the horsepower gains started to show at about 4500 rpm to redline.  In addition to the performance gains, the throttle is much more responsive and the car revs out quicker.  Check out the Nissan 370Z ECU Flash Here.








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