One of our customers just got his Porsche 991 Carrera S performance upgraded with a ECU Flash at Porsche of Hilton Head.  The 991 Carrera S 3.8L comes stock with 400 horsepower.  Tuning the car can enhance the drivability, horsepower, and torque rivaling GT3 power.  The new 991 Carrera features a SDI9 ECU which can be tuned via the OBDII port with our DimSport handheld flashing tool.  The process of reading and writing is simple as seen here.  Its always important to use a battery tender as pictured when writing a big file that the SDI9 requires.

Once complete,  technician Patrick said, “the car drove fantastic!”  Coming from a guy who drives and works on these daily, we can definitely respect his review.  If interested in getting a Porsche ECU tune in the South Carolina region, contact Porsche of Hilton Head for a VR Tuned upgrade or order your 991 Carrera Flash Here.

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