It’s no secret vehicles which utilize turbochargers love aftermarket bolt-on parts. For UTVs such as the RZR Turbo, a simple cold air intake and exhaust massively increase flow. With more air getting to the turbocharger and less exhaust restriction, the turbocharger can make more boost and ultimately more power. Without an ECU tune, however, the power gains from aftermarket parts are not fully capitalized. With an ECU tune, it can optimize parameters such as air/fuel ratio, boost, and ignition timing for the modifications and type of fuel you use. Even a stock RZR Turbo can see huge improvements with an ECU tune since Polaris left lots of performance on the table.

For the 2018-2019 RZR XP4 Turbo, specifically, 15hp gains can be expected on a stock vehicle running 91 octane. If your RZR also has an aftermarket intake and/or aftermarket exhaust, you can find even greater gains! While other companies offer “Stage 1” or “Stage 2” files, we give you the best file possible the first time around. As tested on our dyno, we found 10whp gains, with decent gains throughout the entire rev range.

  • 15hp gain on 91 octane
  • Improved throttle response
  • Rev and speed limiters raised
  • Cooling fan temperature lowered
  • Left foot braking enabled

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VR Tuned Polaris RZR XP Turbo | Dynamix XPT ECU Tuning 2018 - VRT-POL-RZR-XPT18 - Image 7

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