The Polaris RS1 is an incredible ready to race UTV with 110 horsepower from the 999cc engine. With modification comes more power and that first mod should be a VR Tuned ECU Flash. VR Tuned has developed the best file to give your RS1 13 more wheel horsepower in the low end and 8 more wheel horsepower up top. This is a 7-11% increase in power! Not only is this just about power, but many other parameters are changed.  This is perfect for those looking to improve their times at the track or just going out on the trails and having fun. Stay tuned for our other parts under development including an intake and exhaust from Agency Power.  We currently have control arms, motor mounts and more parts available here on our Polaris RS1 Store. What does the ECU Flash do?
  • Low speed radiator adjusted fan 185 (198 stock)
  • High speed radiator fan adjusted 195 (203 stock)
  • Fuel and Timing Adjusted
  • Torque limiters removed
  • Raised limp mode rpm to 6,000 (4,000 stock)
  • Raised rev limit rpm to 9,200 (8,800 stock)
  • Seat belt bypass done
  • Speed limiter removed (78mph stk)
  • Much improved driving experience!
How to Flash Your ECU?
  • Order our OBDII Flash cable to be able to flash between a stock and your tuned file.  See Instructions Here
  • We can bench flash your ECU. To bench flash the ECU, you must remove it from your vehicle and send it to us (See Instructions Here).  You can also send us a new ECU to be flashed. Once we receive the ECU, we will prepare the tune file and then overnight it back to you for reinstallation. We do not solder or modify the ECU board at all. All ECU tuning is done via bungy probes that have a needle tip to provide an electrical connection.
  • Bring your vehicle or ECU to our Arizona facility where we can do the ECU Upgrade here.


Sneak peak of the new Agency Power air intake kit.  Below is the tested 3D printed prototype.  With a specific tune that was made, this intake added another 3 horsepower!  More info coming soon!

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