When BMW initially launched the F80/F82, enthusiasts were thrilled. It had a few flaws, but it was the best M3/M4 BMW had ever built. For 2018, the BMW M4 was upgraded to the BMW M4 Competition. With that upgrade came fine-tuned suspension and a 14 horsepower increase. Even at 450 horsepower, the M4 Competition isnโ€™t fast enough for many enthusiasts. Luckily, the turbocharged nature of the M4 Competition makes increasing power very easy with bolt-on modifications and a high-quality ECU tune.

When you install a tune, the original parameters for things such as boost, air/fuel ratio, ignition curves, and throttle response are changed. By changing these parameters, especially target boost, you squeeze more power out of the engine. In the case of the M4 Competition, power is increased to 500hp and 498lb-ft. With that massive increase in power, 0-60 and 1/4 mile times are greatly improved. The increase in low-end torque combined with the improved throttle response makes the M4 Competition a monster in the canyons.

  • Stock Power: 444hp and 406lb-ft
  • Stage 1 Power: 500hp and 498lb-ft
  • Stage 2 Power: 520hp and 530lb-ft

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