When Polaris released the new RZR Turbo S, it was supposed to be the new top-of-the-line machine which could compete with the other performance UTVs on the market. At 168 horsepower, however, the Turbo S is a little lacking. Luckily, the turbocharged nature means it’s very tunable and cranking the power up is as easy as can be. Our tuning division, VR Tuned, set their sights on developing a reliable and powerful tune for Turbo S owners.

The new file modifies the speed limiter, rev limiters, ignition timing curves, target boost, and air/fuel ration. Unlike other tunes on the market, the VR Tuned ECU flash is designed to work with the Polaris Dynamix system. It should be noted that you need to tighten the wastegate rod. The OEM wastegate is very weak and can’t meet the demands of the ECU tune.

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