The guys at European Auto Creations just finished their OBDII ECU Flash by VR Tuned on their 2002 Porsche 996 Carrera.  The 3.6L normally aspirated engine loves a little more juice and that is exactly what VR Tuned brings out of it.  The entire flash is done via the OBDII port allowing the customer to read and write to the ECU at their convenience.  On the 996 Carrera we are able to adjust the torque limiter giving you much more low end response and a better throttle feel.  The mid range is enhanced and the car will pull much harder to redline.  Of course, if you want, on the 6speed manual transmission cars we can raise the redline 500rpm.  For those running catless or high flow cat pipes, we can adjust the secondary O2 sensors so you wont have a CEL on the dash.  With all tunes, we give you the original file so you can flash back to stock as you need.  This is a beautiful 996 buy the guys at EAC so check out their Facebook Page Here to see what else they do!

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996c2-vrtuned-jsantos-1 996c2-vrtuned-jsantos-2

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