Our friends at GC Performance in Mexico have finished doing a VR Tuned ECU flash on this Porsche 997 Turbo and are truly excited with the results.  So excited, they thought they would do some good ole fashion racing against this Kawasaki 600 Street Bike.  The bike features 105 horsepower weighing only 490lbs wet compared to the tuned Porsche’s 615 horsepower and curb weight of 3400lbs.  The bike will do 0-60mph in 3.3 seconds and 0-100mph in 8.2 seconds where the 997 Turbo stock does 3.6seconds 0-60mph.  So who will when this standing sprint?  Check out the video and order your Porsche 997 Turbo ECU Flash Here.

gcperformance-997tt-flash1 gcperformance-997tt-flash2 gcperformance-997tt-flash3 gcperformance-997tt-flash4 gcperformance-997tt-flash5 gcperformance-997tt-flash6 gcperformance-997tt-flash7 gcperformance-997tt-flash8 gcperformance-997tt-flash9

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