The Porsche 996 and 997 Carrera or Turbo models can all be flashed via the OBDII port.  But by chance you need to remove the ECU from your vehicle, here is how to do it.

*10mm wrench or 1/4 ratchet with a 10mm socket.
*T30 Torx bit if you have the Bose Radio System

Lower both rear seats down to access the rear carpet section.

For those with the Bose system If you have a Bose Sub you will not have this lower shelf visible. The box will have to be removed. Start by pulling removing the side trim seen here. It will just pop off.

Once both screws are removed, tilt the box forward, and unclip the connector on the back of the box (drivers side)

Remove the lower carpet section. (on the Bose Sub cars there is three pieces of carpet, only two need to be removed.) You can see from the pictures the carpet is foam backed and is not held in with anything other than pressure. Simply pull from he front or back and remove the lower carpet.

There are two 10mm wrench size bolts and a 10mm nut. As located in the pictures remove these fasteners on the left side only.

Flip the metal panel up and remove the 4 10mm nuts from the ECU.

Lastly you will need to remove the 5 plugs from the ECU. Unplugging the gray one first you will see they latch at an angle and you must pull the gray one first then remove them working to the opposite end. Install is exactly the opposite. The last plug you pulled will be the first one back in.

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