Mini Clubman 1.6L Non Turbo ECU Flash

If you’ve ever driven a Mini, you know just how fun they are. They’re small, nimble, and feel like a giant go-kart. Just because they are fun, however, doesn’t mean they are actually fast. The Mini Clubman 1.6L, for example, makes a measly 122 horsepower straight from the factory. The typical intake and exhaust mods are great for picking up some more power, but the best bang-for-buck modification is an ECU flash. An ECU flash changes your engine’s parameters such as fuel, spark, variable valve timing engagement, the linearity of the gas peddle, and more. All of these parameters stay within the limits of the engine, but all the parameters are more aggressive which results in increased power. On top of the increased power is much-improved throttle response. Your Mini probably feels pretty slow off the line. Most of this is due to the massive delay from when you press the throttle pedal and when the car actually responds. An ECU flash can fix this problem and make your Mini feel way faster off the line.
  • Stock Power: 122 HP and 118 lb-ft
  • Tuned Power: 134 HP and 131 lb-ft
  • Improved Throttle Response
  • Tune adjusts to bolt on modifications without needing a retune
  • Works well with all Mini transmissions
Vivid Racing’s tuning division, VR Tuned, has worked hard on developing the perfect tune for the 1.6L R55 Cooper. Tuning a Mini can be difficult and requires the ECU to be opened in order to gain read/write permissions. Just recently we had a customer come into our Gilbert, Arizona headquarters to get their Mini’s ECU flashed and we snapped a couple of pictures to show you guys the process!
VRT-MNI-55-11  VR Tuned ECU Flash Tune Mini R55 Cooper Clubman 1.6L 11-14   $800.00  
garrett-mini-clubman-ecu-flash-1 garrett-mini-clubman-ecu-flash-2 garrett-mini-clubman-ecu-flash-3

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