Porsche 996 GT2

ECU Flash

The 996 GT2 is a rear wheel drive version of the 996 Turbo on steriods. With the larger K24 turbos, more aggressive suspension, and lighter weight, this is purely an animal. The high revving 911 can still gain more power though. VRTuned can flash the stock ECU to gain another 40 horsepower and 50ft/lbs of torque… Read More

Porsche 996 Turbo X50

ECU Flash

The 996 X50 package is an upgrade from the standard 996 Turbo to include the bigger K24 turbos and GT2 intercoolers. This car is making 450hp at the crank from the factory. Much like the GT2, these bigger turbos still have more to give. VRTuned can flash the stock ECU to gain another 40 horsepower and 50ft/lbs of torque to the crank… Read More

Porsche 996 Turbo

ECU Flash

The 996 Turbo is one of the most popular enthusiast and tuner vehicles of its time. With the ability to reach double its stock horsepower and over 200mph on the stock engine, speed junkies are all over the 996 Turbo. The car comes factory making only .6 – .7bar of boost. Once flashed, the car will make a consistant 1.0bar of boost gaining you about 80HP and 90ft/lbs of torque… Read More

Porsche 996 GT3

ECU Flash

The GT3 is the ultimate track car. With a high revving motor, tuned suspension, and a package that can take you for the fastest lap ever, what else do you need? VRTuned focuses on cleaning up the cars power curve. With some additional programming to adjust the cars timing and air fuel mixtures, VRTuned is able to gain 30 horsepower to the crank and 22ft/lbs of torque… Read More

Porsche 996 Carrera 3.6L & 3.4L

ECU Flash

The normally aspirated 996 Carrera is a great street car that has more to give. The RWD Carrera 2 and the AWD Carrera 4 are great platforms to increase power on the 3.4L or 3.6L motor. From 2000 – 2005 the 996 Carrera used a drive by wire system which allows VRTuned to fine tune the overall performance of your vehicle. VRTuned is able to gain 20 horsepower to the crank and 13ft/lbs of torque… Read More

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4 Responses

  1. Ali saklaoui

    Dear sir,
    is the file of FVD the same file you have for the 996 GT2.my gt2 is tuned by FVD +fvd exhaust(the pic boost is 1bar.
    Thank you
    Ali saklaoui

  2. Mark Kendall


    I live in the UK and use Shell V power 99 RON fuel (which I think is equivalent to 95 in the US).

    Which fuel was used for the dyno plot for the 996 x50? What would be the difference in power/torque between the fuel grades?

    I already have a Durametric cable, would the flash therefore be at a reduced cost?



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