The Porsche 997 Carrera S 3.8L is the perfect car for the track.  With 355 horsepower, the 6 speed manual trans car has amazing handling and enough power.  The ECU flash is a perfect upgrade to improve your vehicles performance.  Better throttle response to get the 3.8L engine through the RPMs, more torque when needed, and stronger pull all the way to redline.  For those on the track that want the extra GT3 revs, the VR Tuned flash can increase your rev limiter 500rpms.  This is COMPLETELY safe on the well proven G50 transmission.  Our customer Mark loves his new tune and left a great review:

“997.1 2006 carrera s, agency power headers and mufflers, k&n air intake…

…and now a vr flash

my impressions:

-easy do it yourself type of mod.

-engine is smoother under 2500 rpm.

-significant easily perceptible improvement in torque around 2500-3500.

-feels a little stronger also at higher rev.

was worth it for me :)”

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