This long time customer of ours brought his 2007 Porsche 997 Turbo into us here at Vivid Racing for a quick ECU flash with our VR Tuned ECU Software.  The 997 Turbo is a hugely popular platform to tune and with the 3.6L Turbo engine making 480bhp stock, there is a lot more for improvement.  The ECU flash done via OBDII as seen here, takes about 5-10 mins to read and write.  The time it took us to read this car out, do the file, and flash the tuned file was about an hour total.  No need to dyno as we have validated our VR Tuned product a number of times.  The 6 speed manual car can be flashed to raise the O2 limits for catless or high flow cat exhausts as well as increase the rev limiter 500 rpm.  Check out the photos of the process below.  You can also shop for your Porsche 997 Turbo ECU Tuning Here.

ethan-997-turbo-ecu-flash-1 ethan-997-turbo-ecu-flash-2 ethan-997-turbo-ecu-flash-3 ethan-997-turbo-ecu-flash-4

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