Porsche 997TT VTG Upgrade 700HP Tune

VRTuned has developed an ECU tune for those 997 Turbo owners running upgraded VTG turbochargers. The upgraded VTG system retains all the factory components, but with a larger compressor and clipped wheel, these turbos can now produce up to 700 horsepower to the crank. Modifications should be consulted with a installer and the assistance of VRTuned to maximize the potential of your vehicle. The tuned file is designed to retain the factory boost controller and up your boost level. For those running catless race pipes, VRTuned raises the O2 limiters which trick the computer from throwing a CEL. This map is available for a 91 octane or 93 octane pump gas car as well.

VRTuned is now one of the only companies in the world that can do OBDII ecu flashing of the 997 Turbo. With their Flasher Client software, they are reading a full 1mb of the file to completely tune the ECU. Other companies claim to be able to do this, but are only read 128kb and making global changes. VRTuned will also provided you with your original file. With this original file you can flash your car back to stock at any point. This map includes 2 revisions in the price. If revisions are necessary, you must provide the dyno sheet showing HP, TQ, Boost, and AFR as well as a Durametric Datalog. Durametric cable is required for this.

vr750beforeandafterWith corresponding performance mods this map was tested on a 997TT Tiptronic to make 557 all wheel horsepower on a Mustang Dyno. With a 25% drivetrain loss, that is a 696hp to the crank.
What are the benefits/functions of going with VRTuned compared to the competition?

  • VRTuned does not require the removal of your ECU from the car. There is no down time at all.
  • Your car can be flashed at your convenience from the comfort of your own garage.
  • VRTuned reflashing is done via a Client Cable that is connected to the OBDII port. The customer simply plugs the cable into the car and reads the file with a laptop per the instructions with the cable. Once the file is downloaded, it is emailed to the VRTuned secure server where the file is tuned and then emailed back to the client. The client simply uploads the file and they are done. Total process is about 1 hour.
  • Reflashing is done according to the vehicles octane level of pump gas and modifications are taken into account (Intake, Headers, Exhaust) to enhance power gains.
If you have any questions about the Porsche 997TT 700HP ECU File, please contact us using our Support Page.

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  1. Ermanno

    Hi, I have a 2007 Porsche TT that is 100% stock. I don’t plan on spending too much money on performance upgrades but i would consider just an ECU flash keeping the stock exhaust, etc. I am one of the few folks that actually like the sound of the stock exhaust (sounds just like the old air cooled porsches of the past). My question is: What gains would I get with just a flash and how much would that cost? My factory warranty will expire in 3 weeks but i did buy an extended warranty from Fidelity for 3 years 36K miles. I am concerned about how the flash will effect it? I know you can flash the ECU back to stock but will a mechanic know its been tinkered with? Anyhow i appreciate your opinions on this.



  2. VRTuned.com

    The ECU is the best bang for your buck. You will see about a 80hp gain even with the stock exhaust. Since we provide your original file, you can flash back at anytime and your warranty will not be affected. Since it is your true original file, there is no trace that your ECU was flashed to a modified version. The ECU flash now comes with the Durametric software free. This allows you to clear CEL’s, reset service reminders, datalog, and more.

    The price for the flash with the cable is $2195.

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