The Porsche Cayenne S first generation SUV is actually pretty fun to drive and own.  I know, I had 2 of them!  The 4.5L V8 has plenty of pep and that Porsche chassis with Porsche brakes can handle the turns very easily.  But sometimes the V8 does not seem as if it has its full potential available.  The SUV comes stock with 340 horsepower where its twin, fancier looking brother has 385 horsepower.  So what is the difference between the S and the GTS?  Really only the ECU mapping when it comes to power.  So with VR Tuned we are able to take this missing attribute of fueling and timing and boost that 955 Cayenne S to GTS power.  Now the SUV has better throttle response, faster acceleration, and more torque!  Sounds like a dream, but it is a reality with VR Tuned!  This Bosch ME7.1.1 ECU can be flashed via OBDII with our VRTuned cable instructions as seen here.  Ready to order yours?  Click Here for all Porsche Cayenne Tuning.

vrtuned-cayenne-955-s-1 vrtuned-cayenne-955-s-2 vrtuned-cayenne-955-s-3

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