The Porsche Macan 3.6L Turbo has been a hot seller for us.  The tuning box kit works with the cars digital sensors to boost it from 400 horsepower to nearly 500 horsepower in optimal conditions.  Connecting to the cars boost sensor, manifold pressure sensor, and camshaft sensor, the installation takes roughly 30 minutes.  Once installed, the Macan Turbo comes alive with noticeable increases in power.  Our customer from New York recently installed the kit on his 3.6L Turbo and told us, “The installation was mostly straightforward with no major issues. The computer had to be reset to get rid of a number of default messages. Once done, no new default messages have occurred. The car runs smoothly with a very noticeable increase in torque and power throughout the rev band and in every setting (normal, sport, and sport plus). I am very pleased with this product.

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