Vivid Racing is very happy to launch our newest endeavor noted as VR Tuned.  The VR logo symbolizes the simplicity and stripped down form of the niche Vivid Racing brand.  Where things have gotten complicated and convoluted in this industry, VR Tuned has been created to offer ECU tuning with a different vision.  Although we all love to see the high horsepower, record setting vehicles, many of us want the performance, reliability, and satisfaction in our street cars.  With vehicle modding comes a sense of trust and weeding through the discussion forums to really find out what is best.  What is best for your needs is Customer Support, Buyers Confidence, and establishing a relationship for your modding career, not just the hot vehicle in the now.

The performance vehicle market has grown and changed substantially since we started in 2001.  Much like online software, many things have become available making the ability to provide customers an incredible service with a great product at an affordable price.  In 2005, Vivid Racing purchased our Mustang all wheel drive dyno being what was the 2nd or 3rd in Arizona.  Over the years we dabbled in providing the local Arizona market with a place to get their cars tuned.  Subaru’s, EVO’s, and other popular cars of the time.  As we grew as a company, we also grew as a team.  We continued to push our global distribution and turned from hands on tuning of standalone systems, to ECU flashing of higher end European vehicles.  With our entry in these platforms such as Porsche, BMW, Audi, VW, we were able to resell and personally use many different products.  Each one of them more successful in certain areas than others, what did lack for us was the ability to control the customer experience.  Hardware, software, convenience were all out of our control.  So after 4 years of research on what would be the most beneficial to our customers and growth, we are proud to launch the VR Tuned brand.

Based on our success in the Porsche market, we are heavily focused there.  However we have a strong base in other European vehicles.  With customers all over the world, we aim to offer both OBDII and bench flashing for vehicle platforms worldwide.  As we develop a strong network of customers, we hope you join in our Discussion Forum and spread the word of your experience to others.  As you can see from our previous customer reviews, no matter the product, it is our expertise and service that earned us a customer.  We are confident you will be happy with the results, service, and entire experience.

Got further questions?  Read our FAQs here.

Happy Modding! Team


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